The Landrus Agency/Landrus Steven Clark has a wealth of knowledge and area expertise that are vital to your home saleability.  Whether providing you with seller's counseling, or helping you to accurately price your home to ensure a successful sale, we are here to help. With your help we can set the price for your listing to be effective and remember that you and I dont really set the price, the market sets the price. Setting the price for your home can be the difference between an immediate sale or a 120 day listing that only damages the value of the home. There are several very important rules for selling your home that you need to know:

  • Interview more than one agent (This will give you an idea of how they comp your home).
  • ASK them questions...lots of them about how they work and what they offer!
  • What services they offer and who are they Affiliated with and do their business with. (IMPORTANT TO KNOW)
  • If needed get professional staging personnel to setup your home for showings....a staged home sell quicker!
  • Secure all pets and eliminate any odors. 
  • LEAVE the house during showing or open keeps you from getting your feelings hurt! (Not everyone is nice)
  • If the house has no offer within two weeks sit with your agent and do a review and ask them why no offers.
     a. Price to high or agent not putting your home on the major sites. FLYERS work, is the box full every day?
  • Ensure agent sends you an updated list of folks seeing or calling about your property. 

Buyer's Services have several things that they must accomplish to be ready to buyer their new home or even their first home. There are many ways to go about finding that perfect house but in reality its always best to come prepared to place an offer on your desired property. There are several ways to approach buying a home but the very best suggestions that I offer anyone looking to buy is:

  1. Check your Credit Score
  2. Clean up any credit blemsishes
  3. Figure out how much home you can afford
  4. Shop for the right mortgage lender (I always suggest talking to your bank first)
  5. Secure a mortgae pre approval
  6. Have or save up for your down payment and expenses such as: closing cost, inspection fees and others
  7. Find a real estate agent that has local knowledge of the area you are interested in...interview them! remember that this is your agent that will be with you from start to finish and you don't want to be involved with someone that sees you only as their next paycheck!!!! (Best friends aren't always the best agent!) See our checklist! (Click here)