The "I do's" are done and now its time to find or prepare for the next big item in your married life! A new home or even a new lease. There are many and uniquely wonderful adventures ahead for the newly weds and we want to be a part of that journey! We offer counseling and expert opinions on how best to make that new home move.  Contact Us!

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You both have found each other and now its time to share that special and uniquely wonderful love with a new addition to the family. There are so many great ideas for what you would like to buy as your next home, but that takes time and effort. We can help with that by providing lists of homes in the areas that you choose and we do the leg work for you. That new house has a backyard and its a must since children need room to run! Call or contact us!

The next home we have to have is right next to the ocean, park or even a marina. He and I are always spending a lot of time driving to thewater that we decided to find a home near the place we love. We at The Landrus Agency understand the need for love to grow! Not only in your relationship but around the locations and things you love to frequent. Contact Landrus

Well, you just got a new job here in California or in Texas or even out of the country. How exciting is that? Moving the family and either having to sell, lease or buy a new home when there is so much to do especially getting the family to move to a new location. The kids are upset and leaving friends and their school or the wife or husband is not real pleased but understands that it is part of life and the journey to a better life and income. Having live that lifestyle myself I know how much better it is to have an agency that you can depend onto find you the perfect home. Please, let me help you. Call 323-443-4159 or email Landrus

The best part of military servces are the many programs available to active service men and women as well as veterans that have and are serving our country and the people that live here. We are proud to be of service to our folks in Uniform and those that have served. I am a Viet Nam veteran myself and can appreciate the families that are looking for a home. Let us help you! We are proud to serve as your Real Estate Broker! Landrus S Clark (Click on link)